Published Cisco Articles

When I worked at Cisco, I often tested and validated new features as well as documented processes and procedures for common issues. Over that time, I published numerous articles on for Contact Center products. Some of my highlights are below:

  • My first article published August 2014 on SPAN based silent monitoring for UCCX - link
  • Two MediaSense articles on troubleshooting and common issues. Troubleshooting and Common issues.
  • The last article I published at Cisco was based on a an Advanced Services engagement I was helping out on. The customer wanted Okta integration with their call center environment and at the time, Cisco did not support this officially. In an effort to make this happen, I spent some time in my lab and figured out how to make SSO with a 3rd party SAML 2.0 provider work with the existing CC components. At the end of proof of concept testing, I presented and demoed my results to the Cisco AS team and it was later implemented as part of the customer project. - link